Welcome to Imjusgonna Outdoor Furniture

Welcome to Imjusgonna Outdoor Furniture

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Our top-selling Adirondack Chair features a sculpted seat and curved back slats for maximum comfort! It is made entirely out of 5/4 (pronounced five quarters) Western Red Cedar.

The parts are held firmly in place using 1 3/4" stainless steel fasteners, and special elasticized polyurethane adhesive, to keep the chair rigid, even when put through -40 to 120 degree temperature.

We use only select Western Red Cedar (Scientific Name: thuja plicata) as our wood stock of choice, since it is simply the finest outdoor building material available!  Technical Information can be found at: The Wood Database.     The wood is light, the resin is poisonous to insects, and it features an extremely high thermal factor. Western Red Cedar has 80% of the tensile strength of Oak and is pound-for-pound stronger than steel!

Western Red Cedar is also an appearance-grade wood. When properly coated with Oil, the grains stand out, providing high aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting durability - even under severe conditions.

It is not uncommon for a properly finished Adirondack Chair to last 50 years; there are many in existence to prove it. As you can imagine, these furniture pieces often become family heirlooms, and are handed down generation after generation, becoming sought after prizes for collectors.

Adirondack Chairs


Traditional relaxing style.  Available in standard, wide, glider and rocker versions. The standard Adirondack Chair is 37” tall, 30” wide, and 33” front to back.

Garden Chairs

Garden Chairs

Easy to get in and out of, more upright design, perfect for dining. The standard Garden Chair is 37” tall, 28” wide, and 25” front to back.

More Products

Director's Chair!


Perfect for looking over the railing on a deck or for use with the bar-height bistro  table.

The Bistro Dining Tables


Perfect size for drinks or a light meal.  Standard height and bar height available.

A comfy stool


Matches well with the Adirondack Chair.



For a rockin' relaxing time. These are a custom color to match the home.

Side Table


Placed between two chairs, it provides room for the snacks or sandwiches!

Room For Two


Available in glider style too!

Put 'em together!


Careful.....you just may doze off!


Staff delivering a chair!


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